Digital vs Litho Printing

Digital vs Litho Printing

Have you ever thought about the differences between digital printing and litho printing? If so, well, you have come to the right place! In this post, Printing and Copy Store, your number one provider of Printing Services in Pasadena, California, will teach you everything you need to know about digital printing and litho printing by answering a couple of the most frequently asked questions on Printing in Pasadena

  • What ink is used in digital and litho printing?
    Both digital and litho create images using the standard four-color printing process of CMYK. However, each printing method requires a different type of ink e.g., litho presses use a thick, tacky, wet ink paste.
  • Which of the two methods offer better print quality?
    Traditionally, litho printing was said to offer the best print quality around. But with the current advancements in digital printing, Digital Printing in California is now said to offer the same level of quality with faster turnaround times and at a much better price.
  • Which method is better for personalization?
    Personalized printing with tricky Graphic Design can be quite a costly affair with litho presses due to their reliance on printing plates. Digital presses, however, print images on a line by line basis, allowing every sheet to be different when it comes off the press, making it perfect for invitations, place names and any more.

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