Win Over Millennials with Effective Print Marketing

Win Over Millennials with Effective Print Marketing

Being one of the providers of printing services in Pasadena, California, we want to offer our customers some advice on how to conquer this current generation’s top consumers: the Millennials.

Millennials and their Gen Z siblings are the first truly digital generations, some learning to swipe a screen before they could wipe their own faces. Nevertheless, digital marketing alone is not enough to capture their attention, and to be successful in business, one should explore more channels i.e., print marketing and graphic design.

Printing and Copy Store offers its customers an advice on how to better their print marketing strategies:

  • Keep your message short and simple
    Younger people want answers fast, so it is best to keep ads quick and straight to the point.
  • Make it tech-friendly.
    Use your company website in all print advertising and consider adding QR codes and scannable coupons to increase digital and offline connections.
  • Finally, use “social proof.”
    Millennials and teens trust friends, family, and testimonies more than the company they’re buying from, so incorporate reviews and user content in your ads to demonstrate why others love your product.

In an ever-changing world, effective companies must learn to translate their products and values to a new demographic. Be intentional through print, and you will cut through the clutter today.

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