Your Business Card Is the Billboard for Your Brand

Your Business Card Is the Billboard for Your Brand

Your brand is your most valuable asset and how you showcase this determines how successful your business will be. From packaging to printed color copies, maintaining staying true and consistent with what you are is important.

Business cards have been nicknamed as “small billboards” by business people. They can be a powerful tool that can reel in potential customers, with the right graphic design.

Consider the following things when creating your business card, for a more professional feel:

  • Paper
    How thick or thin the paper you use is important. Flimsy cards made of low-quality material can get dented and torn easily, making it less effective in delivering your brand message.
  • Design
    Make sure the layout design presents your contact information and brand elements cleanly once printed. Printing and Copy Store offers professional Printing Services in Pasadena, California. Keep your cards looking memorable, clean, and classy by contacting us here.
  • Size
    The typical size for business cards is 3.5” X 2” to fit perfectly into wallets and business cards holders. You can also make a new design to stand out from the norm, like rounded corners or circle business cards.

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