Print Copy vs Web Copy

Print Copy vs Web Copy

Majority of today’s marketers and businesses may believe that print is dead and getting printing services in Pasadena, California is a lost cause. However, Printing and Copy Store is here to say that print is still very much alive!

After all, your mailbox is still full of flyers, mails, and the occasional piece of “real” mail, right?

Unlike a long-form informational blog copy or concise, top-of-the-funnel web copy, print copy tends to embrace a direct and upfront sales pitch approach. This type of copy is short and sweet, featuring catchy one-liners or short informational blurbs that complement graphic design and pictures.

Naturally, print copy most closely resembles web copy, so it might be appealing to copy/paste your print copy into a website. Don’t! You can work in the reverse, using your web copy to populate a piece of print marketing like a postcard or flyer, but never use your print copy in place of web copy. Why?

Your web copy should be optimized for search engines and geared directly toward the right personas and action items. Chances are your print copy is not as refined or curated because print materials tend to be more mass-market than geared toward carefully crafted buyer personas.

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